Hull & East Riding Wildfowlers

Wildfowling On The Humber Estuary

The Association has around 100 members covering a wide cross-section of people of all ages, and of all “walks of life”, all bound together by the love of hunting in wild places.

It is structured as a formal Association with an elected Chairman, Secretary and an Executive Committee. The Association is a democratic organisation with rules and guidelines, and requires all members to adhere to the shooting and wildlife legislation of the United Kingdom.

HERWA is affiliated to the BASC and has signed up to the BASC Wildfowling Code of Conduct. Club membership fees include BASC subscription thus ensuring that all HERWA members are adequately insured.

Membership was predominently confined to those residing within the boundaries of the East Riding of Yorkshire, however in recent years the Association has opened up it’s membership to welcome wildfowlers from outside of the area. The Association also actively encourages younger wildfowlers to join the club, afterall they are the future of our sport.

Annual Subscriptions for 2019/20 season are as follows:

Full member - £187 including BASC club membership subscription and all permits.

Junior member - £28 including BASC club membership subscription and all permits.

BASC will usually refund the club membership subscription if you are alreasy a BASC member.

Prospective members are usually interviewed by a member of the comittee before acceptance and all new members take a shotgun proficiency test at the club’s clay ground prior to being issued with permits to shoot on the foreshore.

The Association also organises familiarisation visits for new members to all of our permit areas and club wardens and the committee are always available to give advice and support to new members.

Regular meetings are held throughout the year and members are expected to attend a minimum of three meetings per annum as a condition of their permits to shoot.

As responsible wildfowlers members are asked to carry out wardening duties when out  shooting on the club’s permit areas and it is a condition of all club shooting that members have access to a gundog capable of retrieiving shot wildfowl when shooting on the club’s foreshore.

The club has a number of sections to facilitate member participation in the Association, these include :

The Clay Pigeon Section which holds regular tuition and competitions throughout the summer months. Prizes and trophies are competed for on a regular basis. The section regulary raises money for special causes events and club funds through organised charity shoots.

The Conservation and Public Relations Section oversees the Association’s involvement in all aspects of conservation including the development of the Club’s own conservation areas and wildlife and habitat improvement projects. The Section also promotes the Association’s activities and wildfowling and fieldsports in general.

HERWA has an active Social Section handling such things as raffles for general meetings, outings, visits to places of interest, guest speakers etc. and all the other aspects that go towards improving membership benefits.

The Association shoots over large stretches foreshore at both ends of the North Shore of the Humber Estuary.

At the Eastern seaward end of the Estuary, HERWA shooting is leased at Sunk Island between Stone Creek and Patrington Channel. It also shares foreshore access with Holderness and Humber Wildfowlers Association (H&H) at various locations between Welwick and Spurn Bight.

At the western Upper Humber end of the Estuary the Association also shares access with H&H between Brough and Crabley Creek and a small section of river front at Faxfleet. The Association purchased two small sections of land between Brough and Crabley Creek. These are being developed in colaboration with H&H and the Environment Agency (EA) as wetland conservation and wildlife habitat improvement sites.

Separate permits are required for the two ends of the Estuary over which the club shoots - Sunk Island, Welwick and the Brough/Crabley/Faxfleet sections.

All shooting is under permit with the main quarry species beling mallard, wigeon, teal, greylag geese and the migratory pink footed geese. Sometimes there may be in excess of 20,000 “Pinks” in the Estuary.

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